Islamabad- Mounting pressure on newly formed government of PML-N, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) on Monday submitted a resolution in the National Assembly asking the government to take steps to stop drone strikes inside Pakistan.

The resolution that was submitted by Dr Shireen Mazari of PTI, suggested the Nawaz Sharif led-government to ask the Obama administration to stop drone strikes inside Pakistan and bind it to pay compensation to the families of victims of drone attacks against civilians casualties and damage caused to the properties and livestock of the citizens of Pakistan. The resolution also demands of the government to protect the sovereignty of Pakistan.

“For nine years the US has rained drones over Pakistani territory killing innocent Pakistani citizens in far greater number than militants. The people’s elected representatives in the last NA passed unanimous resolutions condemning these attacks and demanding they be stopped. Today we, the newly elected representatives of the people of Pakistan in the National Assembly, express deep distress over the deaths of more than 3000 Pakistani civilians due to drone strikes since their initiation in 2004 and demand to stop these inhuman attacks,” the resolution reads out.