Shortfall of electricity has risen to 5600 MW due to which irritated people are bound to come to streets as a protest against the government which has won the general elections by dint of hyperbolic statements regarding overcoming energy crisis.

According to sources, duration of load shedding in different cities is increasing with the passage of time. Citizens of rural areas are facing outages for 20 hours while urban areas are also in grip of load shedding for more than 16 hours.

In the suburb of Peshawar, citizens of Budhber stopped road for general traffic and rose voice against the government.

In the same way, angry citizens in different areas of Swat also protested against load shedding and called in time action for provision of electricity.

Moreover, citizens in different citizens including Sheikhupura, Faisalabad and Sukkur also took out rallies and shouted slogans against the government which has made their lives full of sufferings.

It is worth mentioning that energy crisis has become a challenging issue for the country.

he PPP-led government had to lose general election due to this issue. And now it has become a challenge for the newly elected government.