Stray dogs have been left unbridled across the city of Nowshera Virkan particularly in populated areas near schools, markets and bazaars because of negligence of the authorities concerned, it is leant.

Repeated complaints in this regard have been filed with the relevant offices but to no avail so far and it shows poor performance of the departments, regretted the local people. For the last two years, the number of stray dogs in different localities has increased to the alarming level. These dogs attack pedestrians especially schoolchildren and create terror among the masses. Stray dogs run in the streets day and night.

These dogs are a threat to the precious human lives. The municipal administration officers, when contacted, held the Health Department responsible for the situation and said that the department is not providing the substance to kill the dogs. On the other side, a health official said that the proposals for this cause had been sent to higher authorities for provision of anti- dog drugs and vaccine.  The local residents demanded that the authorities should take immediate and strict action against stray dogs. Furthermore, the survey reveals that inappropriate departmental coordination is causing problems for humanities at different levels.