PML-Z Chief and MNA Mohammad Ijazul Haq claimed that his party will extend all-out support to the government on the issues of national importance.

"We will go to any extent for defending national interest as we have already devised our priority that the policy, pertaining to war on terror should be reviewed and all agreements made by the Musharraf regime must be abolished."

He stated this while addressing a function organised by Ch Tahir Bashir in his honour at his residence in Farid Town here the other night.

MNA Ch Ashraf, former federal minister Ch Nouraiz Shakoor, SCCI President M H Zahid, General Secy Ch Zulfiqar, members of civil society and a large number of notables were also present on the occasion. The PML-Z chief pointed out that the Parliament and stakeholders should sit to gather and decide future line of action about drone attacks.

He stressed that drone attacks should be stopped at once as it had been carried out with connivance of government in the past. He said that the country was faced with severe energy crisis which was aggravated by circular debts and rampant electricity pilferage. Ijazul Haq suggested that Wapda should be privatized and all its wings like Pepco should be dismantled. The PML-Z chief also proposed diverting all development funds towards power generation for two years to overcome the crippling energy crisis, adding that such steps would result in boosting both agricultural and industrial production which usher in a new era of prosperity and development in the country.

Ijazul Haq asserted that only 1985 general elections were fair while that of the 1988 elections were rigged.

He alleged that the Election Commission was failed to hold fair and free general elections and termed elections 2013 as the worst seen in the world. He said that election commission should take stock of prevailing situation wherein all the political parties had serious objection about polls results.  The PML-Z chief declared that the appointment of retired judges in the election tribunal was tantamount to promoting corruption and they will not be able to deliver justice to aggrieved candidates.

Traders meet AC: A Anjuman-e-Tajran delegation led by its President Haji Muhammad Akram met AC Babar Rehman Warraich here on Monday.

They informed the AC that more than 20 hour loadshedding had ruined the business activities in the city and had rendered thousands of workers jobless.

The AC directed Fesco officials to implement the loadshedding schedule and informed consumers in advance about the loadshedding hours.  Fesco Deputy Manager (Operations) Asghar Hussain Qazlibash, Assistant Manager Operation Nabilur Rehman Khan, Anjuman-e-Tajran General Secretary Mohsin Idrees and former general secretary Rana Khalid Mahmood also present on the occasion.

MAN LOOTED: Three armed dacoits looted a farmer in Chak-379/JB Kaloya here the other day. Reportedly, Zahid Bashir was on the way back home when three armed men intercepted him. They snatched Rs12,000 and a cellphone from him.

DR AMEER FATHER'S DIES: Ch Muhammad Yasin father of Dr Ameer Hussain died here after a brief illness. Scores of people attended his funeral. The Qul ceremony of for the decessed will be held on Tuesday at 8 am.