The Jaura Kalan is a very backward village, having a population of more than 11,000 and falls among the category of large villages of Noorpur Thal Tehsil.

The residents of the village have been waiting for the construction a bridge over River Jhelum for decades.

"Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif is busy with the construction of fly-over and over head bridges in Lahore and Rawalpindi while here in Jaure Kalan, we keep suffering, moaned a notable of the village. There are boats through which the villagers cross the river but crossing by boats in flood-like situation would be a risky business. The problem gets aggravated when any boat goes out of order as takes seven to nine days to get the problem fixed.  During those days, the villagers are left with no option but to suffer. In a state of emergency, the pain faced by the villagers can not be described in words "when any person needs urgent medical treatment, we have to face severe difficulty particularly during nights," says Muhammad Khan a villager.

There is higher secondary school for boys and secondary school for girls in the village. The boys go to the other cities for further studies but the girls end up sitting at home because parents cannot take the risk sending them through boats. "Our girls want to go college for high study but they are forced to sit at home after matriculation due to the absence of a bridge," said social workers Malik Haji Ahmad Khan. Political parties have only been exploiting the demand for construction of a bridge over River Jhelum and the bridge has been focus of their election campaigns since 1970 but they did not take any concrete step in this regard. All the politicians nbpromised and pledged construction of the bridge every time came for votes, yet the bridge remained an unfufilled dream for the people of the area.

When attention of PML-N MNA Malik Bashir Awan and MPA Malik Muhammad Waris Kallu was drawn to the matter, they told that the government had allocated funds for the mega project.