Microsoft and Sony grappled for the hearts of hard core gamers whose devotion could determine whether Xbox One or PlayStation 4 rule console play and Internet Age entertainment.

The rival console makers aimed squarely at hard-core video game players in grand press briefings, unveiling blockbuster titles and touting content or opportunities only available on their respective systems. Microsoft opened fire with ‘Halo’ and a barrage of other titles for play on its new-generation Xbox One consoles.

Sony shot back in a return salvo lead by keenly anticipated ‘Destiny,’ the first new franchise from Bungie Studios revered in the gaming community for creating Halo. ‘Our vision is grounded in an uncompromising commitment to gamers,’ said PlayStation group chief Andrew House. ‘Destiny will help us define this next generation of gaming. PS4 owners will be able to play an online test version of Destiny starting Thursday and through the coming weekend. Sony is even launching a white PS4 in September as part of a Destiny game bundle when the game is released. Exclusive PS4 games touted included a new ‘The Order 1886.’ Powerhouse titles heading for consoles, but sometimes will special content tailored for one or the other, include exciting sequels to franchises including Batman Arkham, Uncharted, Assassin’s Creed, and Far Cry.