KARACHI - Former Interior Minister and Sindh Governor Lt Gen (Retd) Moinuddin Haider says intelligence agencies should enhance mutual cooperation and coordination to effectively deal with terrorists across the country.

Talking to The Nation in the backdrop of the terrorist attack on the Karachi airport, he said killings in various incidents show as if human life has no value in Pakistan.

When asked as to how he evaluates the performance of security forces in dealing with the airport attack, he said that security forces had given their best performance. But, he said,  steps must be taken to equip them with modern technologies and intelligence gadgetry. He said some external forces were supporting Taliban which made it imperative for the government to uncover these elements.

Responding to a question about the make of the ammunition and explosive used in Karachi airport attack, for which the TTP has claimed responsibility, the former interior minister said that all sorts of ammunitions were available in Afghanistan so it is not difficult for terrorists to use ammunitions of any country.

“No foreign spy agency would make such a stupid blunder to provide ammunitions of its country make to the terrorists to carry out terror acts in another country”.

In his opinion certain external forces who wanted to create bad blood and misunderstanding between Pakistan and its neighbor could hatch such a conspiracy.

Mr. Haider said the nation was in state of confusion whether dialogue should be held with the Taliban or not. Some religious parties, he said, were in favour of dialogue with Taliban while many other parties wanted a military action against them. In this confusing and complicated situation it was the duty of political leadership to bring the nation on one page, said the former interior minister.

Replying to another question about the possible objective of the terrorists behind attack on the Karachi airport, he said they had attacked to cause maximum losses and damages and not just to attack and kill the ASF personnel. He said that Sri Lanka had faced grave situation and terrorist attacks and plan hijackings.  

When asked for comments on report presented to the Prime Minister, he said that it was a snap report. However, the situation would become clearer after the autopsy reports of the killed terrorist.

When his attention was drawn towards the prevailing situation and the role of government and the political leadership, he said that the state of Pakistan was in danger and is passing through a critical phase. It demands that the political leadership sitting in London or those protesting at home should come on one page to safeguard the state.

He said that time demands a mature leadership which steer the country from present morass.