ISLAMABAD - As the National Assembly has entered its second parliamentary year on June 2, the lower house of the parliament is still incomplete as one of its 342 seats has been awaiting a lawmaker to represent a far-flung area of Kurram Agency for the last one year.

All was set for election on NA-38, tribal area-III, Kurram Agency, on May 11, 2013; however, miscreants from Khyber Agency attacked Para Chamkani area of central Kurram just a couple of days before the vote day, triggering locals to flee their villages for safety resulting in postponement of election.

While the contesting candidates have applauded the role of 73-Brigade for flushing out miscreants from the Sunni-dominated NA-38 constituency in a minimum time, they on the other hand have raised eyebrows, besides expressing anger, over the inordinate delay in holding elections in the area.

The aspiring candidates have thrice requested Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that the area was now enough safe for holding polls, however, so far the ECP, KP government and provincial election authorities have failed to give any reason for not holding election.

“It’s beyond understanding why my area people are not given right to vote when the constituency is normal enough for the process. I know the powerful person deputed in Peshawar who is behind the whole scene. I can’t name him but he knows me very well,” Munir Khan Orakzai, one of the contesting candidates and former MNA told The Nation on Tuesday.

Orakzai, who during PPP regime was parliamentary leader of FATA lawmakers in National Assembly, said Governor KP Sardar Mehtab Khan Abbasi just two weeks back had assured tribal elders during a gathering of giving representation to Kurram Agency but regretted that someone more powerful in Peshawar was fearing that Munir would sweep the election.

The contesting candidates have time and again been requesting the ECP for conduct of elections and a meeting of the commission with chief secretary KP, secretary FATA, and FC commandant was also held in the end of 2013 but so far the matter is pending.

Four candidates from NA-38, including Munir Orakzai, Malak Noor Muhammad, Dr Abdul Qadir and Malak Noor Akbar, once again filed request with ECP in Islamabad on June 1 for conduct of elections. They have mentioned in the written request that Kurram Agency was inhabited by both Shiite and Sunni sects, adding that sense of deprivation prevailed among Sunni population for not being represented in the lower house, as the other NA-37 constituency of the same agency is a Shiite dominated constituency and has representation in the national assembly.

“For the last one year there has been no development activity in one portion of Kurram Agency while the other part of the same tribal area gets uplift funds. This is not justice at all and is violation of human rights,” Malak Noor Akbar, a candidate, told this reporter on phone.

A source in ECP, who was not authorised to speak to media on the issue, told this scribe that the commission was ready to hold election in NA-38 in case military authorities in KP and chief secretary of the province gave a go-ahead to election authorities in that regard.

“Since FATA falls under the jurisdiction of federal government, the law and order report of the area would be okayed by the office of Corpse Commander Peshawar prior to holding polling day,” the official said.