ISLAMABAD - At least 76 inquiries have been initiated against government servants during the first quarter of the current year, says the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) report for the first quarter of 2014.

The NAB has also initiated investigations against 18 bureaucrats while 11 cases have also been filed from January to March 2014, as per the documents. According to the NAB procedure, first of all an inquiry is lodged against a person who is facing charges of corruption, then the inquiry matures into investigation which ends in a court case.

According to NAB data of first quarter of 2014, a sum of Rs 1.017 billion have been recovered during the first three months of 2014. A total of 142 inquiries have been ordered by Chairman NAB Chaudhary Qamar Zaman during the first quarter, of which 76 are against government servants, 25 against businessmen and 41 against others.

The data reveals that out of these 142 inquires, at least 44 have been finalised while 28 have been closed. During Jan-March 2014, the NAB conducted 46 investigations out of which 29 have been finalised, the data says. Four investigations have been closed after nothing substantial was found against the accused.

A total of 35 cases were filed in courts after finalisation of the investigation of which, 16 have been decided. The accused have been convicted in seven cases while courts acquitted the accused in seven other cases while two cases were withdrawn, the data says. Nine cases have been filed against the businessmen while 15 have been filed against others. The NAB also filed 11 cases against the civil servants during Jan-March 2014, NAB reports states.

The NAB recovered Rs 412.314 million of bank default amount during the first quarter while Rs 604.782 million have been recovered through voluntary return and plea bargain. The courts imposed fines worth Rs 122.010 million in cases filed by NAB of which Rs 3.822 million fine has been recovered, says the report.