ISLAMABAD - Minister for Interior Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan on Tuesday stressed the need for adopting unanimous approach to deal with the security issues currently faced by the country.

"We all should sit together in order to protect our country. After terror attacks we should give message of unity," said the Interior Minister issuing a policy statement in the National Assembly (NA) over the terror incidents in Karachi and Taftan, Balochistan. Expressing message of unity, the House also unanimously passed two resolutions condemning attacks on Karachi Airport and pilgrims in Taftan, in which over 50 people were killed.

"This House expressed sympathies with the bereaved families of those who were martyred in Karachi incident, and paid rich tributes to Pakistan Army, police, rangers and ASF for successfully countering the attack and eliminating the terrorists in a short time," stated the resolution.

The other resolution condemning the attack on pilgrims called upon the provincial government and law enforcement agencies to vigorously search the terrorists and ensure security of the Zaireen (pilgrims).

Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan further clarified that no attack was carried out on Airports Security Force (ASF) in Karachi.

"Neither there was any terrorist nor is there any proof of it, but media runs such news as 'breaking news'. Such information is baseless," said the Minister in his policy statement before the National Assembly. Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said the terrorists who attacked the terminal of old Karachi airport appeared to be foreigners.

He said the bodies of terrorists are with the security forces and currently their biometrics and postmortems are being carried out.

He said the Centre has not blamed Sindh government following the attack. "We must refrain from pointing fingers at each other. All political forces must unite to seek the way for peace."  Briefing the National Assembly on the attack that took place in Karachi, he said that the terrorists who attacked the terminal of old Karachi airport appear to be foreigners.

About Taftan (Balochistan) attack on pilgrims, Nisar opined to form a Parliamentary Committee comprising members of the House from Balochistan and Shiite community to persuade the pilgrims to avoid using the land routes for their security. He said that there was airline between Quetta and Mashhad but the pilgrims prefer to travel through road a distance of about 800 kilometres. Taking the floor, PTI's lawmaker Shah Mehmood Qureshi said that PTI will support the government in national interest.

 "Important institutions of State are not on the same page and civil and military relation is unclear," he said.

Other Opposition party lawmakers including Abdul Rashid Godil from MQM and PPP's lawmaker Naveed Qamar also assured support to government on matters of national interest.