Civilized nations take care of their basic needs before investing in nuclear weapons, Metro busses or building motorways. Lahore has seen continuous water problems for the past year. Three young girls died five days ago in Ichra, a busy area in Lahore because there was no water in the hydrants to put out the fire in their house. I hate the speeches given by our politicians and their insincere dialogues that smell of betrayal. What if these had been their daughters? Would they have only ‘taken notice’ of it?

We now have a good rescue service which is hampered by heavy traffic on the roads, and when they reach the location they fail to fulfil their duties because of a lack of water, in case it is a fire incident. When will the government look into such needs? But then, Shahbaz Sharif will not be remembered in History for providing water to Lahore, but he is already in our Social Study books for providing the Metro Bus. I hope the people of Pakistan wake up and elect or select better rulers.


Lahore, June 10.