ISLAMABAD - Pakistan is all set to take on 10th seeds Singapore in the first match of the 17th Asian Senior Team Squash Championship in Hong Kong today (Wednesday).

Although it will be relatively an easier match as Singapore team has still a lot to prove, yet Pakistan team has to put their best to win it. As far as females are concerned, they have very tough opening encounter against the hosts Hong Kong.

Pakistan squash team suffered a huge set back, as their secret weapon Farhan Mehboob is now placed at No 4 and instead of playing second match, he will play the third which will be of no use for the green shirts if they lose first two matches. The inside sources in Hong Kong on condition of anonymity have confirmed to this scribe that the Malaysian Squash Federation (MSF) raised questions on Farhan’s placement in the team order.

It is pertinent to mention here that PSF has made tall claims regarding sending Rana Tariq as manager of the team describing him a seasoned campaigner, who can help the national team during the managers’ meeting, but he failed to tackle the situation which resulted in Pakistan’s most experienced players, who could play key role in helping the country in Kuwait to lift the title, defeating Indian No 1 player, is all set to play a meager spectators’ role.

The PSF must understand one thing. It is tax payers’ money and if they wanted to send joy riders and wanted to oblige associations, then they should have borne all the expenses from their own pockets. Rana Tariq neither has such experience nor any significant contacts in Asian Federation but he was just accommodated as per directions of PSF general council recommendations, in which all the associations were given a chance of enjoying free rides at the expense of the federation.

This scribe has raised concerns with the PSF secretary about Rana Tariq’s appointment as manager of the team, but the secretary strongly advocated Rana’s presence in the team as manger and termed him very useful for the team. Now the secretary has to answer what kind of useful role the manager had played. Instead of sending a liability with the national team, an extra player should have been accommodated, who could have help the team in the time of need, as Nasir is already unfit.

The inside sources in the federation have confirmed that Nasir is struggling to gain fitness and he can’t play for more than 15 minutes. It means Pakistan team will play majority of matches handicapped and it’s chances of retaining the title look further bleak and no one else but the PSF?will be responsible for whole debacle.