ISLAMABAD - Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Tuesday moved the Supreme Court against tampering of general election material of NA-118 and NA-154 constituencies.

Hamid Khan filed the petition on behalf of PTI praying that the apex court should order for appointing a local commission, which may oversee the custody of the election bags/material in the two constituencies, till the final report on thumb verification is filed by NADRA.

He stated that tampering is being done at the behest of PML-N government, whose candidates along with the election officials have played one of the biggest electoral frauds in the history of the country. The petitioner said, it is reported, that the election bags/material of NA-118 are lying in the custody of NADRA for thumb impression verification and are being tampered clandestinely in order to fill the missing material in order to bring the election count in accordance with the fake results prepared by the election officials with active connivance of the returning officers and district returning officers on May 11-12, 2013.

The motive of tampering with the election bags/material is a pre-planned move of the PML-N government, which has illegally removed the previous chairman NADRA Tariq Malik. The new chairman NADRA Imtiaz Tajwar is a puppet in the hands of PML-N and is tampering the election materials to please his bosses, who had appointed him.

The petitioner said election tribunal Multan has ordered for the thumb verification of the voters of NA-154 constituency, which the apex court had upheld in it’s order dated 6th June 2014. In pursuance of this order, the election materials purportedly lying with the treasury is being shifted to NADRA office Islamabad for thumb impression verification.

Hamid Khan said in view of the tampering of election material of NA-118 it is apprehended that the election material related to NA-154 may also be tampered.