ISLAMABAD - Opening debate on the annual budget in the Senate, PPP Tuesday came down hard on the PML-N government and said it once again living up to its tradition has given a budget that is business friendly, provides more relief to the rich, protects tax defaulters, is motivated by IMF and promotes crony capitalism.

Before parliamentary leader of PPP in the Senate Mian Raza Rabbani opened the debate on the annual budget 2014-15, the combined opposition and MQM in the house staged a protest walkout over the absence of ministers there. "I will not open the debate as no body is here to take notes and no one from the Ministry of Finance is sitting in the galleries...where are the ministers," questioned Rabbani before staging a walkout.

This led to suspension of the House proceedings for more than 10 minutes. And till the time Leader of the House Raja Zafarul Haq succeeded to bring some three ministers to the house.

Earlier, in the day, the opposition benches like the other day wanted to debate on the second terrorist attack in Karachi, however, the treasury side pushed the chair that it was against the rules to discuss the issues in the specially called budget session.

PML-Q lawmakers Kamal Ali Agha remarked on a lighter note, "As attack in Karachi was not made under the rules, so we don't want to go by the book today."

Raja Zafarul Haq said, "Today Rabbani should start his speech on budget, you can talk on internal security in the budget speech as well, you can criticise the government but budget debate should start."

Abdul Haseeb Khan warned that Karachi had been taken over completely by terrorists and Parliament was on the top of the list.

Rabbani pointed out that the Karachi issue was serious and another terrorist attack had been reported there but the statement of the Interior Minister Nisar Ali Khan was ridiculous. "The minister says that no such incident took place today as he had got the details from IG Sindh and DG Rangers," he said adding that the statement of the minister is contradictory to what he resembled with the Hitler's propaganda and if they started trying to give cover to the terrorists, the situation would be alarming. Don't insult the nation's thoughts, the police and Rangers mobilized, he showed his resentment warning the interior minister.

Opening the debate on the budget, Rabbani said, "This is a unique budget that transfers resources, for the poor, to the ruling elite. It is sharpening the rural and the urban divide." He questioned what step the government has taken in this budget to change the life style of labourers. He said infrastructure was being built to connect big cities through motorways and no infrastructure for the villages in the government's plans.

Giving his recommendations, the senior PPP leader said that minimum wages of Rs 12000 to be increased, all the government employees up to grade 15 should be given an increment of 25 percent and 16 and above be given 15 percent. He proposes that EOBI pension should be increased to Rs 6000. "The ordinary Pakistanis in the budget will pay heavy taxes on essential imported items like potatoes, tomatoes etc while the royals of UAE and Qatar have been exempted from import duties on all items including vehicles which they would bring to Pakistan for different projects," he informed the house.

He criticized the government for imposing 25 percent import duty on all edible items, kitchen products and consumer electronics and 5 percent import duty on medical equipments.

Rabbani mentioned that the Survey 2013-14 revealed that the unemployment rate in Pakistan had increased to 6.2 percent compared to 5.6 percent in 2009-10.

He pointed out that the government in the budget was transferring the provincial surplus to the federation in order to cover its budget deficit and cycle was being reversed that was done under the 18th Amendment. He mentioned that education and health were devolved subjects under the 18th Amendment but had been usurped by the Federal Government. "The scheme of health insurance is unconstitutional as health is a devolved subject and this will be used p[politically  and the workers of PML-N will stand to benefit it exclusively," he said.

"The concessions of Rs 470 billion given through SROs to big business and crony capitalists is in fact being taken from the pocket of the provinces," Raza Rabbani remarked.

Mentioning that the circular debt once again had raised its ugly head, he said that the government was seeking approval of an unprecedented supplementary expenditure of about Rs 5.677 trillion for the current finical year because of huge expenditure overruns and diversions of higher budget debt servicing. FBR has missed its tax collection target of Rs 2275 billion.

Rabbani said as per SBP (State Bank of Pakistan) report, foreign private investment in Pakistan reduced by almost 15 percent. Pakistan's total debt has reached new heights of 15.3 trillion till March, which is 15.2 percent more than previous years. He said that in order to benefit a particular business house, the government had reduced 10 percent duty on 1800cc vehicles manufactured in Pakistan. At the end, he said that snuffer dogs were brought for the security of PM house rather providing to the international airports.

Another PPP lawmaker Dr Qayyum Soomroo said that the budget has increased deprivation of the poor before the House was adjourned to meet on Wednesday at 4pm.