This is a government which like its predecessors, both PPP and Musharraf is a regime of traders, stock exchange brokers, real estate developers, big retailers and whole sale dealers, contractors and business cartels, which is committed to facilitating them in tax evasion and providing relief through SRO. Nobody is interested in procurement or transfer of technology, nor in development of education and health, because of lesser incentives in kickbacks and commissions.

If anybody has any doubt, just imagine giving a 100% salary raise to top bureaucrats, who have failed miserably in tax collection, regulation, failure of law enforcement, missing all substantive targets and implementation of laws to prevent flight of capital and institutionalized corruption and pilferage. Other than mere rhetoric, no political party, including PTI has raised their voice in parliament, or made any effort to launch a public campaign to stop these nefarious acts, which in any other countries would qualify as conspiracy against the state.

Every institution of state, including CDA which comes directly under federal government is an organization dominated by vested interests, where members of general public who in 1989 were declared successful for plot allotment are still waiting to get possession, even after almost 26 years, while thousands of plots, allotted much later to their employees, bureaucrats and powerful pressure groups have been developed and handed over. No government seems to be bothered about fate and destiny of 200 million Pakistanis, for whom Pakistan is their sole motherland, a country for better or worse, till death.


Sukkur, June 8.