When one looks at Nawaz Sharif he seems to be a glum, flabby and expressionless person. If we compare him with Shahbaz Sharif and Ishaq Dar, both brimming with life and enthusiasm, he seems to have become old. It is time that the elder Mian Sahib should let the younger generation take over. This third time prime minister does not seem to be action oriented as Gen. Raheel Sharif is carrying the dead weight of Mian Sahib on his shoulders.

Young blood is needed in the leadership as major decisions like building a mega water storage dam are pending without the leader having the strength and courage to get the bull by the horns. A gung-hoo attitude by a leader, in the face of aggressive looks from Modi is not enough to face the gigantic problems of water and power shortages that cannot be met without a strong and bold leadership. PML-N needs to get rid of ‘N’ status which is getting old and embark on a new course befitting Muslim League that created Pakistan under the brilliant leadership of people like Quaid-e-Azam who have some morals.


Lahore, June 8.