After around 100 years of radio, it is unavoidable today to say that the radio on the planet has made the due progress, in spite of its furious rivalry with the visual media. 

Talking in this perspective, at present, radio in Pakistan has achieved a noteworthy turning-point, when various phrasings, which are utilized by the different variants in radio including web radio, advanced radio, and visual radio, have tested the impression of radio which has been acknowledged for almost a century now. 

The inquiries like what is radio? `Is web radio a radio? Does web radio enhancer Audio improvement? Are the few argumentative issues which have been talked about at length these days? From a recorded perspective, there have been critical changes to the radio in terms of innovation, radio programming and methods for listening and in order to understand the development of radio from its inception to date. 

All we need to study is to put the radio in the context of its competition and interplay with the rest of mass media. This need to be done to exactly know how the existence and development of each medium depends not only on its own characteristics, but also on its ability to adjust itself to a new ever changing technological environment as well as the ability to adapt methods and tools from other media to strengthen its position. 

As today, Web radio has significantly affected the traditional transistor radio in conveying radio to the Internet group who are by and large accepted to be the youthful, knowledgeable and individuals living in urban regions who listen to customary radio the slightest. It is proposed that web radio is potential approach to catch the disregarded conventional radio audience members. 


Karachi, April 14.