"The problem with the cases of honour killings and their non-prosecution lies in the permission that the law grants to the family of the victim to compromise the offence, and that's why the person who actually pulls the trigger walks free... although in the case of honour killing it's mostly a conspiracy between more than one member of the family, and that's the major issue here. I don't think the government wishes to address that issue."

– HinaJilani 2 May, 2000.



HinaJilani is one of the few people in Pakistan who have been a commendable voice for the rights of women in the country. She is internationally recognised for her expertise in critical human rights investigations. In February 1980 with her sister Asma Jahangir, she co-founded Pakistan's first all-female legal aid practice, AGHS Legal Aid Cell (ALAC) in Lahore. She is also one of the founders of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan and the Women’s Action Forum (WAF) (a pressure group established in 1980 campaigning against discriminatory legislation) and also founded Pakistan's first legal aid center in 1986 She has been actively speaking against the honour killing law, calling for change much before the issue garnered mainstream attention. Despite the PMs promise to deal with perperators of this heinous crime with force, 3 cases occurred in Lahore just last week.




HinaJilani, United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General on Human Rights Defenders.