The serpent of target killing has risen its deadly head once again killing 7 policemen in Karachi. The eight killers on four motorbikes made their escape as usual and probably will never be tracked down like scores before them. It is a well-known phenomenon that 99.9 per cent of all such target killings are done by the killers on a motorbike. There are always two of them riding together, one doing the shooting and the other driving the bike. Since a motorbike is a small, handy and extremely maneuverable vehicle the killers weave their way through the heavy traffic and vanish in the nearby streets/bye lanes easily.

One just wonders as to why such a simple fact is not being understood by the law enforcing authorities and pillion riding is not banned in cities where required. I know it would be hard on many and to ease it to some extent children under 12 and the ladies without veils could be exempted from such a ban. As I said it will cause inconvenience but at times one has to take a bitter pill to eradicate the bigger menace.

For the information of all, during the pre-partitioned and even early days of Pakistan ‘doubling’ on a bicycle was an offence and strictly enforced too. None raised any objection to it. So, dear law enforcing whiz kids, ban the pillion riding and save many a family from becoming a destitute. You ban it anyway on certain religious and other occasions, why not do it for good?


Rawalpindi, April 21.