There was a time when coaching centres were known as insulting centres. Whoever joined these centres was known to be stupid so they did not openly proclaim it but now a days coaching centres are a pride for people – parents proudly say my child studies in that particular coaching centre which promotes that very centre. This in turn, allows many people to get personal benefits from centres. Starting such a centre is an easy business which only requires the renting of 4 to 5 rooms home and naming it as a centre and then publishing huge banners around whole city. Such is the story of every major city with coaching centres in Pakistan but this case is more sensitive in Hyderabad. 

Hyderabad is second largest city of Sindh and is very progressive but in terms of education it seems that we are actually quite backward. The main causes for that is personal benefits behind establishment of private schools and centres and best example in Hyderabad is SPARK school and centre Hyderabad whose owner Adeeb Rattar is business-minded person who initiated the centre and school for business purposes only. He rented 6 rooms in a house and at morning it is a school while at evening it is coaching centre. His coaching centre’s facilities are so poor that they are equivalent to the facilities of a government school. 

He is well acquainted with ministers so no one can speak against him. I am a poor student and I have no way to express my issue except this newspaper and I request all the higher educational authorities to take note of the politicisation of the education system. This is not just my problem but every educated Pakistani is victimised by this system and when education becomes a business, the nation on the path to destruction. 


Hyderabad, May 27.