LAHORE - Following the Supreme Court orders, the Punjab Healthcare Commission has closed down 3,551 businesses of quacks across the province.

According to details, since the SC orders, the PHC teams have visited 10,475 treatment centres and sealed 3,551 quacks’ outlets. As per the census, over 2,800 quacks have quit quackery to start other businesses. On the other hand, the district administrations across the province have inspected 2,744 premises, and sealed 1,321 businesses of quacks. Both the PHC and district authorities have cumulatively visited 13,219 centres and closed down 4,872 premises of quacks. Also, the Commission has received 1,870 desealing applications. Since the initiation of the PHC anti-quackery campaign in July 2015, the Commission has sealed 13,500 outlets of quacks.

Moreover, during the last week only, the PHC teams had carried out action against quacks in four districts, that is, Lahore, Sahiwal, Okara and Faisalabad.

They visited 803 centres, and sealed 264 centres of quacks. The maximum number of quacks’ outlets 108 were sealed in Faisalabad, 68 in Sahiwal, 53 and 35 in Okara and Lahore respectively. Out of the total centres visited in accordance with the census, 268 quacks have started other businesses after quitting quackery.

The spokesperson of the PHC has said that the most number of quacks pose themselves as general physicians, whereas the rest includes hakeems and homoeopathic doctors indulging in allopathy, bone-setters, medical stores, laboratories. He added that the crackdown on quacks would continue till the elimination of quackery.