LOS ANGELES:-Chris Pratt got hurt ‘a lot’ while making ‘Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’. The 38-year-old actor relishes being able to do his own stunts because they make him feel like a ‘’professional athlete’’ but he’s well aware the gruelling physical tricks are not without risk. He admitted to Closer magazine: ‘’I actually got hurt a lot making ‘Jurassic World’. I popped my elbow out, pulled both my hamstrings and did something to my heel. ‘’There were a lot of injuries but I got through it with a lot of ice and ibruprofen - it was all worth it.

‘’This was the closest I will ever get to being a professional athlete, which is a big deal for me.’’

Chris - who has five-year-old son Jack with estranged wife Anna Faris - is constantly amazed by his success and never knows when it will end.