KASUR -  India will soon split into different smaller states. Kashmir is on its way to get liberation from the clutches of India. The rulers must show loyalty with Pakistan and should abandon India-friendly policies.

These views were expressed by Jamaat-ud-Dawa amir Hafiz Muhammad Saeed during an address to a ceremony titled “Dars-e-Quran” at local marriage hall on Shehbaz Khan Road here the other day.

He said that the world powers intended to suppress the voice of the Muslims, struggling for their freedom. He claimed that he had written a letter to former premier Nawaz Sharif, advising him to avoid India-friendly polices. He said that he had urged Nawaz Sharif to befriend with Kashmiri people who had been fighting for the valley’s merger with Pakistan. “Now, India is constructing dams on waters of Pakistani share. She intends to turn fertile ground of Pakistan into a barren land,” he said. He added that the enemies surrounded Pakistan. “The small state of Medina was also threatened by the external and internal enemies. But the Prophet (SAWW) saved the city through an effective strategy he had devised in the light of the Quran,” he said. He stressed a need for following in the footprints of the Prophet (SAWW) to get the country out of the crises.


Citizens were deprived of cash and other valuables at gunpoint in different theft and robbery incidents here the other day.

According to police sources, three dacoits looted a number of people riding motorcycles, cars and other vehicles at Mauza Nul Bansoon. They deprived them of cash, gold jewellery, cell phones and other valuables. In Mauza Nizampura, unidentified thieves broke into an auto-repair shop of Munir and made off with two motorbikes and other valuable articles.

One Saeed Akhtar submitted an application to Kanganpur police stating that unidentified thieves stole batteries worth Rs700,000 from the tower of a cellular phone company.

Likewise, thieves came to the house of Zafar Iqbal in Chak 36, held the family hostage and looted cash, gold ornaments and other valuable items.


A teenage boy was killed while two others were injured in two different traffic accidents here the other day.

According to police, Shahid was on the way to Punjab Scholar School on a motorbike. As he reached Ferozepur Road, the motorcycle he was travelling on was hit by another two-wheeler. As a result, Shahid was killed on the spot while the other motorcyclist was injured.

In another incident, one Jabbar stood near Noorpur Canal when a motorcycle hit him, leaving him with critical injuries.

Rifts in PTI over award of tickets

There are differences in local office-bearers of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) over award of party tickets. The PTI workers are of the view that influential and wealthy candidates are awarded tickets by the party leadership while those who render sacrifices for the party are totally neglected.

In PP-175, Sardar Fakhir Ali and Mrs Masood Bhatti are strong candidates for the party ticket. After delimitation of constituencies, Mrs Masood Bhatti has lost ground in the above mentioned constituency as she is now out of her native place [her political stronghold]. Sardar Fakhir Ali, on the other hand, is not only resident of the area but also enjoys support of locals.

Local PTI office-bearers, chairmen and councillors including Mehr Latif, Liaqat Dogar, Salah Deen Bhatti, Mian Abid Baloch and Muhammad Rafi demanded that the party leadership should award ticket to Sardar Fakhir, for he is a strong candidate for contesting election on the seat of Provincial Assembly from PP-175 constituency.