KARACHI - The upcoming general elections will be contested on the basis of real issues facing the poor masses and not on the basis of hollow emotional slogans.

The Pasban is ready to highlight the problems and concerns of the common man in its election campaign, says Pasban-e-Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor.

Addressing a meeting of Pasban candidates belonging to District South Karachi here, he said the Pasban had already announced that it would challenge the political crocodiles and the corrupt mafia in the general elections.

He said “we will fight the filthy rich corrupt politicians by fielding working class candidates”. He said this is the first entry of Pasban into the general elections and the brave, patriotic and honest candidates and leadership of Pasban are already giving sleepless nights to corrupt politicians.

He said that candidates of Pasban belonged to working and low income classes and they have already been getting a warm welcome from the voters in their respective constituencies. He said the circles who used to take Pasban for granted in the past are now giving a serious consideration to Pasban and its programmes. He said “the initial results are very encouraging for us”.

Shakoor said that his party is present at the grassroots level and “we are in close contact with masses and we possess a very good track record of serving common citizens and raising voice for their issues”. He said “our proven track record of public service could not even be matched by some bigger parties”. He said a tiny sapling of Pasban has now become a tall shady tree.

He regretted that poor and low income class people are practically barred from taking part in the election by raising electoral fees. He hoped that the Election Commission of Pakistan would play its due constitutional role in this regard and ensure that poor and low income class candidates who cannot pay huge fees are also given opportunity to contest polls.

Pasban leaders Usman Moazzam, Abdul Hakim Quaid, Sardar Zulfiqar and Saiful Islam Bukhari also spoke on this occasion.