The Muslim majority states stand divided on sectarian grounds and OIC has lost its relevance because of inaction and lack of unity. Recent OIC meeting held at Istanbul, following brutal massacre of Palestinians by IDF, failed to take concrete steps to address numerous problems which afflict its members. With exception of Turkey’s PM Erdogan, there is no leader in Arab World with stature and vision of King Feisal, nor is there any person like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

Following collapse of Ottomon Empire after WW1, Turkey was forced to sign treaty in 1923 for 100 years which is due to expire in 2023. Sultanate which extended to Armenia, Spain, Iraq, Syria and what constituted Hejaz Territory was divided by redrawing geographical boundaries by Allied forces. As 2023 approaches they are once again active to divide Islamic bloc and sow seeds of sectarian hatred. The terms of surrender signed by Sultan Mehmud VI restricted Turkey not to explore oil reserves and declare Bosporus as an international passage on which it cannot levy any taxes amongst other sanctions. Divisions fomented by Western powers have witnessed a rise in tensions and infighting between Islamic countries.

There are too many Mir Jafers within Islamic countries, with split loyalties, hostage to their greed, who don’t realize that nobody will survive if Great Plan succeeds. Henry Kissinger has clearly elaborated that ‘we have hired or purchased many local nationals from these Islamic countries and they are working for our plans as we have done heavy investments on them’. The Plan according to Kissinger is that ‘we are forced to occupy seven countries in the Middle-East because of their strategic importance, especially because they contain oil and other economic resources’.


Lahore, May 22.