OKARA - Former provincial minister and PTI leader Ashraf Khan Sohna declared that he wants to tell the PTI leadership loud and clear that whoever rejects diehard and sincere workers, the party workers reject that party.

He was addressing a press conference against “what he called” unjust” distribution of PTI tickets for general elections.

Mr Sohna claimed that he and his comrades remained with PTI leadership when nobody in the country knew name of this party. He asserted that his untiring struggle and the companionship of his followers raised the PTI status to the most popular political party of the country.

He demanded the party leadership to pay heed to complaints regarding unfair distribution of party tickets and decide about the party tickets keeping in view the ground realities. He said the leadership must save party graph from going down with sane and real decisions of tickets. “The present party ticket-holders could not win the election at all,” he claimed.

Later, a rally was taken out from residence of Ashraf Sohna residence. The rally participants raised slogans against the PTI policy regarding issuance of tickets. PTI Okara founding member Chaudhry Muhammad Azhar former party ticket-holder and scores of party workers were also present on the occasion.