The announcement that Taliban have made regarding ceasefire in the days of Eid-ul-Fitr will be, at least, a temporary sigh of relief. It is the first time in the past seventeen years that Taliban has declared a ceasefire. However, the declaration is subject to conditions. In the case of an attack on them, the Taliban will not sit idle even if attackers are Afghan soldiers. Since the ceasefire is limited only to fight against Afghan Taliban, it means that the situation in the country might remain precarious.

What Afghan society needs at this moment most is that the all the warring factions sit together to discuss the future of Afghan society. The Afghan people have not seen a peaceful day since the Soviet invasion of their country. Out of all the people they deserve peace the most. Generations after generations have suffered the pain of exile. Hundreds of thousands have been forced to lead their lives as refugees. It is about time to heal the unseen wounds of Afghan people. A successful dialogue can be only achieved if all the warring sides let go of their egos for the sake of a better, developed and pluralistic Afghanistan.

The citizenry of Afghanistan is looking forward to a permanent stop to fighting between the government forces and militants. They have had enough of war and its devastating effects on their lives. Both warring sides should look at ceasefires as confidence-building measures. Such moves can pave the way for a negotiating table.

Nevertheless, the announcement is still seen by some with scepticism. These observers feel uneasy, as it will last only for three days of Eid. Taliban reciprocated to Ghani government’s announcement of a week-long ceasefire. Pakistan too has appreciated the positive step that has been taken place between Kabul and Taliban. It is high time for the world community to show sincerity in putting down the flames of war that has paralysed everyday life in Afghanistan.