I think it’s interesting that many PTI stalwarts have reacted strongly to Reham Khan’s memoirs. The allegations she has made indicate that she is a woman ready for anything. If that is the case, why did Imran Khan marry her? It’s not enough to say that he misjudged her. Do we want someone who can’t read character in charge of the country’s nuclear button? Well, in his case, we won’t have to worry, because the nuclear button will be in the hands of someone else.

The really upset people are those who didn’t get a mention. Like Hamid Khan. Or Fawad Chaudry. There is no mention of Aleem Khan despite his sacrifices for the party, including his hair tansplant. Nor is there any mention of Naeemul Haque, and there is some talk of sending him to see Reham and show her why Daniyal Aziz doesn’t like him.

However, it seems that her memoirs, though unpublished, have been read by Farooq Bandial, made notorious by the gang he led to rob and criminally assault Shabnam, then the top actress of a vibrant film industry. He joined the PTI. Imran Khan then personally expelled him. Double standards, it seems. Bandial has paid his debt to society, hasn’t he? And if Sita White is Imran’s personal affair, why can’t Shabnam be Farooq Bandial’s?

Imran Khan resembles Donald Trump more and more. If Trump can’t keep Stormy Daniels shut, Imran can’t keep Reham quiet. Pervez Rashid had to resign as Information Minister for not preventing a report being published in a neswspaper. Maybe the same people should force resignations within the PTI at excerpts coming to light. (Where are the excerpts? They won’t bear publication in a raunchy, trashy tabloid, let alone a family newspaper like this).

Of course, Imran is not the only person to resemble Trump. The caretaker PM, though having been a Chief Justice of Pakistan, has a hairstyle that is a match to that of Donald Trump, or North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. Here is a man whose barber can look Trump’s in the eye and tell him to take a little more off the sides.

Punjab has finally got a caretaker chief minister, in Hasan Askari Rizvi. Well, I hate to strike this note, but I can’t help thinking that neither the Lashkar-i-Jhangvi or the Sipah-i-Sahaba will be celebrating much. Even though we should, because academics like Rizvi had not been appointed to caretaker slots so far. At last a CM who can actually read a book, even if it’s only Reham’s memoirs.

That is not why the PML(N) objected to him, though. Because of his columns, in which it seems he objected to corruption. Is the PML(N) suddenly synonymous with corruption? Of course, he doesn’t compare with Trump in the matter of hair, nor does he appear in Reham Khan’s book, so he seems to be all set to be a careful caretaker. And that’s what caretakers are supposed to do. Take care.

Until the ECP plumped on him, it seems Mian Shehbaz Sharif had to stay on. The Assembly had long gone from which he derived his right to hold office, but it seems the Governor had to be advised. Until a replacement is sworn in, the incumbent continues to hold office. Wonder what happens if the CM passes on? Does the corpse continue to hold office? There is a provision for a senior minister to automatically take over in that event, but you don’t see senior ministers appointed. They tend to get ideas. Not to wait.

The Jordanian Prime Minister has resigned because of mass protests, but hasn’t been replaced by a caretaker. No elections in Jordan, you see. It’s interesting why people were protesting. Increases in fuel prices, power bills and the income tax. Not to mention widening the tax net. All things that have been done here without any protests leading to the PM resigning.

Well, there’s been some rain, which as a pleasant breath of relief for fasters. But don’t expect too much in future. It is June, after all. There was similar relief when Argentina boycotted Israel after its sports minister shifted its football match from Haifa to Jerusalem. It brought back memories of how South Africa was sent into sporting isolation in the 1960s because of apartheid. Cricket was perhaps worst affected, though rugby ran a close second. Israel is hardly a football superpower, though Argentina is, but still every drop of support counts. But Argentina may have only boycotted because Israel was trying to shift the goalposts by having the match in a controversial place.

There is also some controversy over the acquittal of the accused in the Khadija Shah case by the Lahore High Court. When the Supreme Court took suo motu notice of the acquittal, the LHC Bar Association passed a resolution pressing for reform of the suo motu process. And all because the accused, formerly the convict, is the son of a lawyer.

The acquittal makes us understand why the police ‘improves the evidence.’ Anyway, this is the legal system which has also thrown out two PMs. Criticising those decisions is contempt, but criticising this decision reflects an active social conscience.

The case reflects the problem of women rejecting a marriage proposal. They get acid thrown on their face. Or burnt alive. Or, as in this case, stabbed repeatedly. Not to forget murdered (as happened to a medical student from Abbottabad who had the temerity to turn down a proposal on the frivolous ground that the proposer was already married).