KARACHI:- Robert Fitzhenry, head of New York Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Bureau of Communicable Disease, has asked Prof Dr Kamran Azim, Dean of Faculty of Life Sciences at the Mohammad Ali Jinnah University in Karachi, to provide a copy of his research report on Matagenomic Characterization of Bacterial Communities  in Drinking Water Supply System of Mega City Karachi for study.

It is mentioned here that this research report was published in an international research journal recently.

 It is further mentioned here that for the preparation of this research report on drinking water bacterial community latest technology called Next Generation DNA Sequencing was use first time in Pakistan which provide very useful information.

During the study the researcher Prof. Dr. Kamran Azim and his fellow Faizan Saleem reached on this conclusion that majority of bacterial community found in drinking water supplies to the citizens of Karachi are not harmful for spreading any disease. It is very interesting to note that research on drinking water through next generation DNA sequencing technology has been conducted in very few cities in USA, Europe and Asia.


On commenting on his research report, Prof. Dr. Kamran Azim said that now it may be used for further research and interrogation activities by our researchers. He said that particularly organizations like environmental study bureaus and Water & Sewerage departments may obtain very useful information for improvement in their performance. NNI