HUJRA SHAH MUQEEM - A widow sought the help of police against five suspects who, in her absence, had allegedly occupied her house and stolen valuables from it.

Hafiza Asia Batool, resident of Chaplipur village, filed a petition in court stating that she had leased out her agriculture land to Qawam Ali of Mauza Bathna after death of her husband. “After that, I along with my children left for Lahore and started teaching children at a religious seminary,” she added. She alleged that in her absence, Qawam Ali, along with four accomplices, sold out earth from her land, stole household articles from her house and occupied it. On being informed of the incident, she returned to her village where the accused refused to vacate her house.

Local notables sided with the widow and she filed a petition in court. The court ordered the Hujra Shah Muqeem police for registration of a case against the accused and thorough investigation into the matter. The widow has sought justice from police authorities.