LAHORE  (PR)  Abacus Consulting, a leading firm in transformation services, has entered into a strategic alliance with Aestimatio Analytics Inc. on an exclusive basis in Pakistan to provide end-to-end automated solution for estimating provisions under IFRS 9 for corporations, especially listed companies and financial institutions.   SECP has made IFRS 9 accounting standard mandatory for all listed companies for reporting periods ending on or after June 30, 2019. “IFRS 9 is a paradigm shift from conventional provisioning methods of IAS 39, and Aestimatio-9 is the answer”, said Mr. Asad Ali Khan, President of Abacus. “Instead of the previous Incurred Loss method that resulted in delayed recognition of credit losses, IFRS 9 takes a completely forward-looking approach with Expected Credit Losses. This is a radical change that has posed challenges for auditors and corporations in countries all over the world who have adopted the standard.  Aestimatio-9 will help Pakistani corporations in meeting this complex but mandatory requirement.”