The hot day of 1st June 2019 was another bad day for the Pakistan Railway. A huge number of passengers were being made to wait at the Lahore railway station.

Unfortunately, it was announced that the Shah Hussain Express came off the track near Faisalabad, about 120 km from Lahore.

Due to the derailment, many trains couldn’t depart on time since Shah Hussain Express departed late for Karachi from Lahore for over 7 hours via Faisalabad. Karakorum express departed from Lahore to Karachi three hours late. And similarly, Karachi Express also left late from Lahore to Karachi by two hours. Although protests were being had around the juncture, passengers also joined in to condemn the railway ministry. They chanted slogans against the present government. Through the esteemed column of this newspaper, I want to draw the attention of the government towards the modifying of old tracks and expired trains instead of creating new trains for new roots. It is the hour of need thus, proper construction of tracks can protect the lives of people and save the time of passengers.


Lahore, June 5.