It really makes the heart bleed when such incidents transpire. A consequence of quid pro quo marriage can be seen in that an unfortunate 7 years old girl had been married to a 28 years old man in Tandlianwala which is really injustice with the girl who had not reached the age of puberty thus was ineligible for marriage.

It is reported that girl was beaten and tortured by her husband but she somehow fled away and managed to reach to the police station where a case was registered against her husband and all facilitators of this marriage and officiator as well. A medico-test proves that the underage girl has been abused which is really pathetic. It is really inexplicable that how parents can agree to hand their underage fairies over to such old and barbaric men.

Really damnable act by all who facilitated this marriage which has destroyed the life of an unfortunate underage girl who really couldn’t comprehend what has really happened with her. It is also a violation of Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 amended on April 30, 2019, according to which marriage under 18 years of age may lead to Rs. 200,000 fine and 3-years strict punishment for facilitators. Concerned authorities should deal with all offenders according to this act in letter and spirit.


Karachi, June 6.