ISLAMABAD   -   Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is sleeping as the Rawalpindi District Cricket Association (RDCA) ad-hoc committee has left Rawalpindi cricket clubs high and dry and at the mercy of harsh and humid weather.

The PCB appointed RDCA ad-hoc has announced to conduct Rawalpindi Inter-Club Championship 2019 some two months back and tall claims were made that this tournament would be the best till date. The ad-hoc committee chairman had appointed a number of irrelevant persons and introduced completely out of the book laws and regulations to conduct the tournament, rather than inviting registered clubs as per PCB constitution.

The hefty entry fees were collected from the clubs. The clubs had time and again requested not to start tournament on June 10, as it would be first day after Eid holidays. The issues related to grounds and pitches were completely ignored and all their requests fell on deaf ears, as most of the matches were cancelled while some were started after a several hours delay.

A number of clubs have written letters and sent messages to ad-hoc committee chairman to register their complaints regarding highly unprofessional attitude of the tournament organising committee members, who kept on sleeping, while the clubs had to wait for hours outside the cricket grounds, where according to schedule, their matches were supposed to take place.

The ad-hoc committee never paid heed towards the issues of the players, who are mostly from working class and they have to take extra leaves. The committee has made it mandatory for every participating club to include three U-19 players in the playing XI. No club was allowed to include more than four first class players in their playing XI. Rs 10,000 were charged from each club, which was never charged in the past.

The substandard grounds are being used to conduct the matches while no rule and regulations were witnessed during a few matches that finally took place. The standard of umpiring was very poor while pitches were not prepared accordingly. If any untoward incident occurs, who will be held responsible? The clubs have written letters to PCB Director Domestic Cricket Haroon Rasheed about the problems being faced by them, but he never paid any heed and left the players on mercy of the ad-hoc committee.

As per PCB constitution, RS 3500 should be charged from fresh clubs, but the RDCA ad-hoc committee has charged around Rs 35,000 from them. The clubs have requested PCB MD Wasim Khan to provide them justice and stop ad-hoc committee from continuing with their self-styled policies.

When connected RDCA ad-hoc committee member Wasim Ahmed to seek his point of view, he admitted that a few matches were postponed and they have to prepare pitches. “Let me assure that things will be smooth in a few days. We are in contact for few new venues at Wah, Gujar Khan and Rawalpindi. We will spend each and every penny on the matches and players and provide expenditures details after the end of the event,” he concluded.