LAHORE - At a time when the country needs absolute stability, developments taking place on the political scene may cause high magnitude jolts, consequences of which are difficult to predict at this stage.

In a genuine and functional democracy the arrest of former president Asif Ali Zardari in fake accounts cases, NAB references against the PML-N leaders or government’s references against superior courts judges should have been routine issues. But this is not the case in the Islamic republic even after seven decades of its Independence.

Here, the vested interests try to exploit such situations – no matter what the results.

As of now the PPP, the PML-N and other opposition parties will go for protests on the pretext of the alleged victimization of their leaders.

Lawyers have already announced they will lock down Islamabad on June 14, the day the Supreme Judicial Council will start proceedings against Justice Isa. They say they will set ablaze the reference as a mark of resentment.

In principle, the lawyers should review their position after what CJP Asif Saeed Khosa said in London only a day before.

Answering questions at a ceremony at Cambridge, he advised people to trust their judges and that justice would be done in the matter. He also made it clear that the government could not remove Justice Isa.

If the lawyers decide to go ahead with their protest plans despite such a categorical statement by the head of the country’s judiciary, it will mean either the law practitioners doubt the SJC’s ability to deliver justice or Justice Isa’s competence to prove his innocence. There is no other interpretation of the continuity of protest plans.

While deciding their future course of action after the former president’s arrest, the PPP leaders should not forget that courts extended Mr Zardari’s and his sister’s bails many a time, something unbelievable in cases of common mortals. If a court has rejected bail this time, it must have solid reasons to do so.

These courts are also competent to acquit the accused if the NAB failed to prove charges against them.

Headed by a former judge of the Supreme Court, the NAB is expected to be in possession of sufficient evidence that will lead to the accused people’s conviction.

It cannot afford to withdraw the cases it has started. It’s not a political entity – and should not be one - that can tailor its stance according to the change in the situation. It has to take the cases to their logical conclusion – come what may.

It is the political leaders who shift stands according to the requirements of a situation. (Prime Minister Imran Khan was proud of having taking U-turns in the recent past).

It was interesting to see PML-N President Mian Shehbaz Sharif defend arch rival Asif Ali Zardari in his speech in the National Assembly. He said not only his arrest was uncalled for after his appearances before the NAB but also sought his production orders by the Speaker.

People still remember his countless full-throat speeches at various gatherings that if he got a chance he would drag Mr Zardari on roads because of his involvement in corruption. He had also pledged that he would tear apart his belly to recover what he called the devoured money.

In some speeches he even asked people to change his name if he failed to honour his pledge.

The change in the situation will bring these and other opposition parties closer in the days ahead. The budget to be announced today and the all-party conference to be hosted by Maulana Fazlur Rehman in the near future will pave the way for a broad-based alliance against the government.

The government should bear in mind that the PPP has always tried to use what is called card to get out of various situations.

The remarks made by Bilawal after being denied an opportunity to speak in the National Assembly after the arrest of his father should also be seen in this context.

He said leaders from Jhelum and Rawalpindi (Fawad Chaudhry and Sheikh Rashid) were allowed to speak in the NA but not the one from Larkana (Bilawal).

Reports coming from Larkana say that people shut down their shops and resorted to aerial firing after the arrest of Mr Zardari.

The situation is quite serious and the PTI-led coalition will have to evolve a very wise strategy to prevent it from slipping out of control.