Islamabad - After recommending lodging of FIRs against the CEOs of two Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs), the government, on Wednesday, arrested Depot in-charge of another oil company located at Peshawar.

A committee constituted by the petroleum division raided an oil depot at Taru Jabba Pesahawar and arrested the In-charge of a big oil company for providing wrong information to the government committee, official source said.

The Federal Minister for petroleum had constituted a committee earlier this week to verify oil stock availability, identification of black marketing, and hoarding by OMCs. The committee headed by DG Oil, consisted of the representatives of FIA, OGRA, PSO, HDIP, and District Administration. The members of the committee were to visit different part of the country and if any OMC was found to be hoarding petroleum products then it  would submit its findings to the relevant authority for appropriate action which might lead to cancellation of their market license.

On June 9,2020, the committee after the detailed inspection of various OMCs terminals at Kaemari Karachi, observed hoarding and black marketing by two OMCs. The OMCs, against whose CEOs registration of FIR has been recommended  included Hascol petroleum Limited and Gas and Oil Pakistan Limited. The committee had requested the lodging of FIR against the CEOs of both the Marketing Companies.

The Petroleum Division Committee raids continued at different location as the petroleum crises further worsened in different parts of the country. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was the most effected province by the oil crises where 70 percent pumps had dried out and consumers were facing immense problems. Since the beginning of the crises, the government and its various departments were moving at the snail pace against the OMCs/Dealers but now it seemed that the concerned authorities seemed to have gained impetus.

Meanwhile, spokesperson of  Ogra said that Ogra’s enforcement teams along HDIP experts would inspect all oil depots across Pakistan from Wednesday  to check the availability of fuel stocks. Violations would be dealt with according to thelaw, the Spokesperson  added.

According the spokesperson there was no shortage of fuel in the country and stocks of 10 days were still available. “We want to ensure that there should be no hoarding and responsible should dealt with iron hand,” he added.