ISLAMABAD              -        The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Wednesday directed the Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Islamabad to appear before the court in person on Thursday (today) for not properly investigating the case of two sisters, one of who got married by choice.

A single bench of IHC comprising Chief Justice of IHC Justice AtharMinullah conducted hearing of the petition seeking protection of the two sisters who approached the court through their counsel Syed KhawarAmeerBukhari Advocate.

During the hearing, the Station House Officer (SHO) police station Shamus Colony appeared before the court and informed the court that both girls have infected with COVID-19 and they have been quarantined. Expressing its annoyance over his report, Justice Athar remarked, “It seems that you are lethargic to investigate the case.” He added that instead of inquiring the case and finding the whereabouts of the girl’s husband, the SHO is presenting this report of their medical tests of Coronavirus.

Advocate Khawar the counsel for the petitioners adopted, “The right of life is a fundamental right provided under the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which is required insured by official respondents.”

He added that the petitioners are under threat to life as their family members along with the official respondents are threatening, harassing and trying to chase and kill them. Later, the IHC summoned the SSP (Operations) in person and deferred the hearing till Thursday.

According to the details, Malika Fatima one of the sisters married to one MuqadasYaseen resident of district Lodhran and he was imprisoned by the Jirga in Lodhran over the issue of their love-marriage.

She stated in the petition that her family members were forcing her to get divorce from her husband. However, she refused and requested the respondents not to force her for this illegal and un-Islamic Act.

Malika added that her family and police of the area brutally beat her and attempted to kill her as the respondents hit her head in the wall and also used rods to hit her head.

She told that they kept the petitioner hostage in the house forcefully by keeping the room locked and planned to kill her with electric shock on the day of Eid. Their malafide intention was disclosed upon the petitioner No. 2 (Malika’s sister) as she heard their discussion.

“Fortunately the Petitioner No.2 saved the life of Petitioner No.1 got released the Petitioner No.1 from the illegal, illegitimate and cruel detention by the private respondents and both the petitioners escaped just to save their lives,” Malika stated in her petition.

She continued that the petitioners are presently helpless against the powerful respondents and the official respondents are instead of providing protection to the petitioners, in connivance with her family members are further harassing the petitioners.

Therefore, she requested the court to direct the police to provide personal protection to the petitioners by keeping then in safe shelter and custody and the official respondents of police may also be directed to get medical check-up of the petitioner No.1 (Malika) regarding injuries in the head and other body parts and proceed in accordance with law against the private respondents. She further requested the court to direct the respondents not to harass, humiliate, and summon the petitioners illegally and unlawfully.