ISLAMABAD           -          The federal government will likely to decide to allocate Rs. 4.408 billion in the budget 2020-21 for the Science and Technology Division in the PSDP.

For 22 ongoing development schemes, Rs.2196 million have also been allocated while for nine new schemes, Rs. 2212 millions would be allocated.

According to details, multiple development schemes in the science and technology sector will be completed under this budget.

The development schemes under the Science and Technology Division include PNAC training on National Hospitals and Health, Certification Incentive, Construction of BSQCA lab and Office in Quetta, Technical Training Center in Gawadar, First Industrial National Renovation Survey, Halal Accreditation, PNAC, improvement of Thal Desert Land and Water Conservation project, National Research Laboratory on Plastic, NIO Scheme for Marine level, PCST Assessment for Human Resource, Science Talent Forming Scheme, PCRW rain water scheme, Upgradation Scheme for Fruit Processing, Research Program Pak-Korea Testing Facilities, upgradation of PCSIR Lab in Peshawar, International Scholarship Program on Advanced Technology Centres and subsequent centers establishment.

The new schemes under Science and Technology Division for 2020-21 include Development of platforms for Innovative technology, Pak University of Engineering and Emerging Technology, Upgradation of Machinery and Tools, Cloud Infrastructure for Research and Innovation, upgradation of Printing Circuit board and subsequent facilities, Quality Seed Production and Supply to Farming community include in new Schemes under Science and Technology Division for budget 2020-21.