Central leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Q Ejaz-ul-Haq on Tuesday said, "N and Q-leagues, two factions of Pakistan Muslim League (PML), could make a stable government in Punjab following which there will remain no requirement of imposing governor rule in Punjab" and added, "Pakistan People's Party (PPP) always caused damage to the country." Addressing a press conference here, he said PML-N and Q league should join hands now. "Together they can form government in Punjab," he added. Ejaz-ul-Haq said in order to sort out the issues, Governor rule be ended in Punjab and a party with majority be allowed to form government there. He urged, "PML-N's Nawaz Sharif to display forgiveness and shake hands with PML-Q to root out consequences against them" and underlined, "Politicians are providing room for army to march into power and this will be no less than inviting the trouble."