Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said that we are working with Pakistan on the extradition treaty on prisoners and he could issue orders for immediate release of Pakistani prisoners but not for those who have been captured by the US forces. He expressed these views while talking to senior journalists at the breakfast table here on Thursday. The Afghan president said that Afghan government realises that Pakistan had to bear more losses in the war against terror than Afghanistan. He said we want strong and cordial ties with our neighbour Pakistan as Pakistan and Afghanistan have similar problems and are facing the same challenges. We have to work together for countering these challenges. He said that we are working on the modalities for extradition treaty with Pakistan and he can immediately release those prisoners who are in Afghan jails but those who have been captured by US forces for that talks would have to be held with US. Regarding Aafia Siddiqui he said that he managed to get one of his son released and he has no knowledge about rest of her kids. He said that he wants Pakistani troops to train Afghan forces so that bilateral ties between the two countries are further strengthened. Afghan President said that Afghan soil would no be used against Pakistan and this impression is incorrect that India is using Afghan soil against Pakistan. Afghan president said that Pak-India cold war would not benefit any one and if for a particular purpose this is carried out than both the countries would suffer. In response to a question he said that Afghanistan has no place for those Taliban who want to side with Al-qaeda and no reconciliation would be held with them, we would only negotiate with those Taliban who would abandon militancy and would support the Afghan govt. Afghan president said that his country wants to strengthen security ties with Pakistan and want to see strengthening of relations between the two countries.