OGHI At least six people were killed and six others got injured when masked terrorists, who were heavily-equipped with AK-47 rifles, hand grenades and a pressure-cooker filled with lethal explosive, stormed the office of World Vision International, a US-based Christian charity organisation, located in village Dogai, about three kilometres away from Tehsil headquarters of Oghi. According to details, the terrorists launched the deadly attack at 9.30 am on Wednesday. The terrorists left behind the pressure-cooker filled with lethal explosive, which went off with a big bang injuring other six employees of the organisation. The deceased included four male and two female employees of the NGO. They were identified as Jamshed Ahmad resident of Katlang, Mardan, Liaqat Aslam of village Thakra, Mansehra, Ayaz of Hassanabad (Kooza Banda), Swat, Fahim of Abbottabad, Ms Zaryab Yousuf of Mansehra and Ms Kekashan of Abbottabad city. However, the injured employees were immediately shifted to the Ayub Medical Complex for treatment. Senior police officials told TheNation that the terrorists might be members of the banned outfit and after launching the attack they disappeared in the nearby thick forests taking advantage of absence of the law-enforcers. However, the DIG Police Hazara ordered search operation in the said area but no success was made in this regard till filing of this story. Agencies add: The aid group condemned the attack as brutal and senseless, and indefinitely suspended all of World Visions operations in Pakistan, where the charity has about 300 staff. World Vision said six Pakistani employees, including two women, were killed and seven others wounded when up to 15 gunmen arrived in pick-up vehicles and began firing on the aid workers. They gathered all of us in one room. The gunmen, some of whom had their faces covered, also snatched our mobile phones, said World Vision administration officer Mohammad Sajid, who was in the office at the time. They dragged people one by one and shifted to an adjacent room and shot and killed them... After that one of them said: 'It is enough, we should leave now. While leaving they lobbed grenades. The office was largely destroyed by the blast, which left a crater by the main door. Bits of broken concrete and glass littered the floor, which was also strewn with wrecked office furniture and equipment. A door plastered with decorations for a birthday was blown off its hinges. Nearby, a calendar on a glass-strewn desk showed a workshop had been scheduled for Wednesday. Pools of blood lay under an upturned chair and under a nearby desk. A trail of blood stained a concrete sidewalk at the back of the building. Rienk van Velzen, World Visions regional communications director, told AFP by telephone from the Netherlands that all staff in the office were Pakistani. We have four male and two female staff members killed, he said. The organisation has operated in the area since October 2005, when aid workers flooded into the northwest after a 7.6-magnitude earthquake killed more than 73,000 people and left about 3.5 million homeless. But many charities have left the area, as militant violence has soared. In February 2008, four aid workers with British-based group Plan International were killed in a similar gun and grenade attack in Mansehra town. Police officials said the militants on Wednesday opened fire and detonated hand grenades at the site near Oghi, about 80 km north of Islamabad before disappearing into the hills. Police rushed to the area after receiving information about the attack, but the attackers managed to flee, senior police officer Waqar Ahmed told AFP. We chased them, there was an exchange of fire, but the gunmen escaped into the mountains. A passer-by, Mohammad Salim, said he saw the gunmen leaving, firing their rifles into the air as they made their escape on foot. Most were wearing military-style green jackets, Salim said. Waqar Ahmed blamed the attack on the same people who are destroying our schools - a reference to Taliban militants opposed to co-education who have blown up hundreds of schools across the northwest in the past three years. Now they want to disturb relief work in quake-hit areas, Ahmed said. The dead include: Kahkasha, Zaryab Yousuf, Jamshed, Liaqat, Muhammad Ayaz and Naeem whereas the injured are: Khushboo, Shahida Bibi, Qazi Ahsanullah, Imtiaz, Abid Naeem and Munir. The wounded were rushed to Oogi Hospital. A wave of suicide and bomb attacks across Pakistan has killed more than 3,000 people since 2007. Blame has fallen on Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants bitterly opposed to the countrys alliance with the United States. But Azam Tariq, a spokesman for the Taliban, said he was unaware of Wednesdays attack, telling AFP by telephone: I have no knowledge about the incident and would not like to offer any comment. World Visions website describes the group as a Christian relief, development and advocacy organisation founded by a US reverend. It says the aid group is inspired by our Christian values, but stresses that the organisation does not proselytise or condition aid on faith. Aid workers in the conservative rural Mansehra district have met some hostility, often because of the presence of women members of staff and projects aimed at women. World Vision said it had not received any threats before the attack. Senior police officer Sajid Khan was critical of the aid groups security. They have just one guard who didnt have a weapon, he said. The United Nations decided last year to relocate a limited number of its international staff from Pakistan because of security concerns. The UNs World Food Programme office in Islamabad was attacked last October, with five aid workers killed in a suicide bombing.