KARACHI - The Karachi Stock Exchanges benchmark 100-share index fell 2.05 points, or 0.02 percent, to end at 9,784.98 points on Wednesday as investors booked profits above 9,800 points after the market had gained in the four previous trading sessions. The market opened on a positive note and touched a high level of 9,844 points, however, the market could not sustain the 9,800 psychological level and came down to close at 9,785 points. Due to lack of volatility in the market, volumes remained subdued and 128m shares were traded as compared to Tuesdays 213m shares of. The cement sector remained in the limelight, owing to rumours regarding an expected increase in cement prices. LUCK closed at Rs76.57, up by 2%, with the healthy volumes of 6.4m shares, whereas, DGKC closed at Rs32.55 - up by 4.7%, with volumes of 10.4mn shares. Both LUCK and DGKC were amongst five top volume leaders today. On the other hand, the KSE 30-index closed at 10261.61 with a gain of 3.77 points. The KMI 30-index closed at 14732.04 with a gain of 48.78 points. All shares index closed at 6913.02 with a loss of 1.35 points. Trading activity was minimal as compared to the last trading session as the ready market volume stood at 127.835m as compared to last trading sessions 212.720m. Future market volume, however, stood at 4.524m shares as compared to 13.308m shares last trading session. Market capitalization stood over Rs2.817tr, as total trades decreased to 76,641 as compared to last trading sessions 105,343, while 183 companies advanced, 189 declined and 27 remained unchanged. Highest volumes were witnessed in LOTPTA at 19.328m closed at Rs10.87 with a loss of Rs0.42 followed by DGKC at 10.373m closed at Rs32.63 with a gain of Rs1.55, NBP at 9.157m closed at Rs95.65 with a gain of 1.18. Ahsan Mehanti, at Shehzad Chamdia Securities said, 'Mixed activity witnessed on institutional profit taking in overbought blue chips, while fall in international oil prices, limited foreign interest, delay in appointment of Finance Minister and non-availability of leverage products played a catalyst role in negative activity at KSE. Huge inflow by the off-shore participants failed to invite enthusiasm from the local front, although the stocks trading with payout topping did invite local liquidity, yet more focus was on the stocks qualifying a stringent parameter of high yields and low multiples. Hasnain Asghar Ali, at Aziz Fidahusein, said, 'With monetary policy and federal budget carrying sour pills, around the corner, caution is likely to prevail, rising trend of commodities; mainly oil in the international market, on one end stays a positive for some of the listed companies.