LAHORE - The City began to resound with cheers and jubilation on Wednesday evening when the PML-N candidate vying for NA-123 by-poll stood victorious. The party leaders, workers and supporters of the PML-N took to the streets, danced in elation on the beat of drums and distributed sweets to celebrate the victory of Pervaiz Malik. However, accusing the ruling party of using government machinery and resources in election campaign of its candidate in NA-123, both Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and Jamaat-e-Islami candidates have alleged that the PML-N has broken all records of rigging. PTI candidate Hamid Meraj and JIs Hafiz Salman Butt alleged that the elections lacked impartiality and transparency. They said that use of resources and massive rigging was a question mark on the performance of Punjab government. They said that the rulers gave Rs 5 lakh to TMOs and other government officials for purchasing votes. Hamid Meraj said that the PTI had won despite losing elections while the ruling party was on the losing side. He said that the election results had clearly indicated decline in the popularity of the PML-N. He said that the party that bagged over 70,000 votes in general election could only manage to get around 40,000 votes and that too after large-scale rigging. He said that the rulers used officials of LDA, other government departments and police for ensuring victory of the PML-N candidate Pervaiz Malik. He said that the officials stamped ballot papers at Darul Furqan School after forcibly expelling polling agents. He accused presiding officers at a number of polling stations of harassing the PTI polling agents and casting fake votes. He said that the Election Commission did not take any notice of pre poll rigging and recovery of fake ballot papers from a number of booths. Saluting the workers for effectively conveying the massage of party to the masses, he said that the PTI had shown remarkable performance against the PPP and the PML-N who had joined hands in the by-election. He said that the masses had rejected both of the mainstream political parties. He said that the masses had initiated change that would spread across the country. He said that the morale of party workers was high despite a loss in the elections and the PTI would definitely emerge as a major party in future. Hafiz Salman Butt said that the PML-N was a product of dictatorship and rigging and it did not believe in fair play and transparency. He alleged that the rulers resorted to massive rigging for ensuring victory of Pervaiz Malik. He said that it was unfortunate that the rulers were sticking to their old practice and not allowing the masses to use their right in a transparent manner.