The administrators at Guantanamo Bay may have some rules but the thanedars at the police stations all over Pakistan are exempt totally from laws, rules and regulations. If you are unfortunate enough to ever visit a police station (may you never & God save us all) you might come across an ironic slogan caligraphed on the wall saying Justice begins from police station. I think the phrase should be changed to Torture begins from police station. Although true of police everywhere in Pakistan, the Punjab Police most certainly outshines its other counterparts in the brutality associated with this business. The recent incident of flogging of the buck-naked accused in full view of public at Bhawana Police Station in the Chiniot district is neither new nor any worse an example than the numerous we get to know about every now and then. The only misfortune of the litthre squad at Bhawana was that they were caught on camera doing what is the done thing every night in every police station of Punjab. A report by Madadgaar Foundation, a local NGO, appeared in the national press on Aug 7, 2008 saying Within the last nine years, from January 2002 to June 2008, there were 9,364 cases of police torture. Out of the total, 231 cases were reported in 2000, 555 in 2001, 996 in 2002, 838 in 2003, 1,260 in 2004, 1,356 in 2005, 1,662 in 2006, 1723 in 2007 while up till the mid of current year January to June, 743 cases of police tortured were already recorded by the Madadgaar team. -NABEEL ANWAR DHAKKU, Chakwal, March 10. 0101 0101(words failed) I have been shocked speechless by the news that highly classified data of Pakistani citizens from NADRAs database has been provided to UK & US missions in Islamabad. This classified data could be used with ill intentions by the agencies of these countries against our national interests. It would be inconceivable to imagine that UK or US themselves, or any other country for that matter, would give us any access to a database of their citizens. -KHALID MUSTAFA, Islamabad, March 10.