VIENNA (AFP) - The OPEC oil producers cartel on Wednesday slightly upgraded its forecast for modest growth in world oil demand this year but warned that the slow pace of economic recovery was clouding the outlook. World oil demand has been highly dependent upon the world economy, supported by government-led stimulus plans, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries said in its March report. These stimulus plans have already done a great job of jump-starting many sectors of the economy, including energy. However, questions remain as to how long governments will be able to afford supporting their economies. If such supportive measures were to be phased out, it could have a negative impact on world oil demand, the oil cartel said. Given slow global economic recovery, world oil demand growth in 2010 is forecast at 0.9 million barrels per day (bpd) or 1.1 percent, to average 85.2 million bpd, the report said. The US economy will play a key role in demand growth, OPEC said. Should the US economy have the strength to pull up from the recession early in the year, then the countrys oil demand would show some growth. However, should the stimulus plans fade prior to a complete economic recovery, then the countrys energy demand could be negatively affected by slow industrial production and high unemployment. If that were to happen, then it might slightly affect oil demand in other regions as well, shaving world oil demand in total. In developing regions, the picture was somewhat better than previously thought, OPEC continued, saying it had upgraded its oil demand growth for Asia, Latin America and China.