LAHORE Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt has clarified the decisions of the probe committee which penalised half-a-dozen leading players of the team. He said that the former two captains Younus Khan and Muhammad Yousuf were not banned for life and they can be considered anytime for selection. He said that what the board stated was that they should not be part of the national team in any format. Earlier, PCB chose to implement the recommendations of an inquiry committee to also hand out 12-month bans to Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved and fine Shahid Afridi and wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal three million rupees ($35,000) and Umar Akmal two million ($24,000). Tafazzul Rizvi, who was part of the inquiry team, said that Yousuf and Younus had the right to appeal and former captain Rashid Latif expected them to win their cases. The recommendation of the Committee is not a life ban on these cricketers. There is no specified term in the recommendation for these two players. As and when the PCB deems appropriate, these players will be considered for selection for the national team, said an official of the board. The PCB chairman consulted his legal advisors on the repercussions of implementing the recommendations of an inquiry committee, which has sought bans and fines on leading players. Reports said that Ijaz Butt took legal opinion on what possible legal reaction could come from the players if they are banned and fined. The board is expecting that some of the players might seek legal remedy against the penalities, reports said. The Chairman has also told the selection committee to put on hold finalising the Pakistan squad for the T20 World Cup until a final decision is taken on the recommendations of the inquiry committee, one report added. The selectors have had a detailed meeting with the Chairman but are now waiting for clearance from the board on the pool of players they can select the team from. Ijaz Butt meanwhile told a television channel that while he would announce the penalties for players soon he will not share the full contents of the inquiry committee report with the public as it was confidential. We are looking at fines and bans as punishment and the action that we will take will definitely be more than significant, he said. Butt also made it clear that the inquiry committee report was very concrete and detailed and had given valid reasons for taking action against the players. It has taken input from all concerned stakeholders. A source who attended the meeting with Butt on Monday said the PCB Chairman looked intent upon implementing the inquiry committee report but pointed out that in Pakistan, where political pressure and general influence worked a lot, anything could happen in a matter of hours. I would say nothing is confirmed until the board makes an official announcement, he said. Team manager questions ban on Younus Abdul Raquib, who was the team manager on Pakistans disastrous tour of Australia, has questioned the decision of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to ban former skipper Younis Khan for life. PCB on Wednesday banned Younis and Mohammad Yousuf from all three formats over indiscipline, besides imposing one-year bans on Shoaib Malik and Rana Naved-ul-Hasan. The board has also announced hefty fines against senior all-rounder Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal and his younger brother Umar. Younis only played in the ODIs series during the Australia tour which is why Im surprised on what basis a life ban has been imposed on him, said Raquib. Raquib did not comment on punishment handed down to other players but felt Younus was wrongly treated. Younis has become a victim of conspiracy, said Raquib. It may be mentioned here that the PCB has announced that it took into account the reports filed by the Pakistan team manager, team coach and captain before taking actions against the players.