ISLAMABAD - The 20th session of the National Assembly, probably the last during the current parliamentary year, is being held today (Thursday) at 5 pm at the Parliament House. The NA session has acquired special significance as the Constitutional Reforms Committee of the Parliament would likely table the proposed amendments in the Constitution during the current session so that President Asif Ali Zardari could get the credit of constitutional reforms in his upcoming address to the joint sitting of the Parliament in the last week of the this month. But some parliamentary sources informed TheNation that it was unlikely for the constitutional reforms committee to accomplish its task by mid of this month as it might consume well over a month time to accomplish the task. The sources privy to the deliberations of the constitutional reforms committee were of the view that the main irritants in the way of the committee were very much there as the members belonging to smaller provinces were not ready to budge an inch from their demand of maximum provincial autonomy with Federal Government just dealing with defence, foreign affairs, currency and communication. The sources said that the committee had sought viewpoint of Federation on the demand of maximum provincial autonomy by some of the members but, so far, the Federation had not dispatched the same to the committee. On the other hand, another contentious issue i.e. of renaming NWFP was still hanging in balance as the key stakeholders to the issueAwami National Party (ANP) and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)could not even manage to hold meeting on the issue. The sources said that PML-N had put the matter in loop as it was under tremendous pressure from its party chapter from the province urging the PML-N leadership not to bow to the demand of the ANP. The sources said that in the face of so many hurdles, the constitutional reforms committee of the Parliament was not likely to meet the so-called deadline given to it by the government. The parliamentary sources were of the view that in case, the constitutional reforms package was not tabled by the end of the current month, the presidential address to the joint sitting of the Parliament could be deferred till mid-April.