ISLAMABAD (APP) The United States is validating the claims of $2.1 billion submitted by Pakistan for year 2009 under Coalition Support Fund (CSF) and assured to release the funds at the earliest. The US has paid dollars 350 million to Pakistan two weeks ago, as last instalment completing all the validated claims provided by government of Pakistan for the year 2008 under CSF, said General M Feierstein, Deputy Chief of Mission US embassy here on Wednesday while talking to APP. He said so far all the claims under CSF for 2008 amounting to $1.1 billion has been cleared by the US administration. He said the claims for 2009 amounting to $2.1 billion are on the table and are being scrutinised and evaluated by the US auditors and expressed the hope that after completing the process, funds would be released as soon as possible. Referring to the delay in the disbursement of the funds of CSF, the US Deputy Chief of the Mission said, it was delayed due to visa issue to the US staff, being engaged to check the claims submitted by Pakistan. He said, We have now people in office and started the process of validation of the claims and assure to complete the process as quickly as we can. He said Pakistani authorities have assured to resolve the issue of visa to the US government officials and visa are being issued but still it has not been completely resolved. He said still the demand has not been accepted as required by the US. Rejecting the perception that US wanted to bring Blackwater people to Pakistan under the visa for auditors, he said, these are purely government officials being engaged in the embassy. Replying to a question, he said, about 100 to 200 government officials still waiting visa to visit Pakistan so that the process of validation of the claims submitted under CSF could be expedited. He rejected that the figure of these officials is in thousands. On the Pak-US relations, he said, there is significant improvement in these relations. Referring to visit of a number of US officials to Pakistan in last two years, he said, it clearly indicate that there has been high level dialogue and contact between the two countries. He said there has been enormous increase in the military to military relationship between the two countries. He said both Pakistan and US are very close partners in the fight against militants both in Pakistan and Afghanistan. He said this relationship is moving forward very substantially. He, however said, there are issues and there has been discussion on these issues but they should not be detract overall forward momentum in the bilateral relations. The Deputy Chief of US Mission said the return of civilian government in Pakistan is very important to US. He said, We believe that for future security and stability of Pakistan and for our strong partnership, stable and democratically elected government in Pakistan is important component. He said, Civilian government is very significant for Pakistans economic and social development as it gives level of confidence and help in identifying the needs and requirements of the people. About progress of Friends of Democratic Pakistan (FODP), he said it was not establish for donations. He said many friends are working on it and worked on broader strategic framework to solve the problems in security, political and development sides. He said the organization has moved forward and a number of friends have approached Pakistan to help in different projects. He said the FODP has prepared strategy for development in Malakand division and the needs are being assessed. He said now discussion are also going on in energy sector and in June a study will be done in this sector with a comprehensive view of energy sector needs and developments with indemnification of the areas. He said FODP would be useful for Pakistan to deal the energy sector. Replying to close cooperation between Pakistan and US Army, he said, in the last two years, he said there has been much closer and deeper dialogue, communication and coordination. He said a number of visits by US Army officials, and regular contact across the Pak-Afghan border are important so that no one can use that area for safe haven. He said, We provide great deal of assistance, where we can provide training, security assistance and equipments. He said its good time to recognize the relationship moving forward. He said, We are helping Pakistan military to carry out this operation in different areas. The Deputy Chief of US Mission said the level of dialogue and confidence and intention and ability across the border in military to military cooperation is much greater today. He said US relations with Pakistan, Afghanistan and India are positive and important. He said US always made efforts to reduce tension and improve relationship. We see Pakistan and India return to dialogue process and pleased to see foreign secretary level talks held recently, he added. Relating to Indias role in Afghanistan, he said India has legitimate role to play there, they have long history and good relations with Afghanistan especially on economic side. He said, We also understand Pakistans concern that Afghanistans territory should not be used for any extremist action inside Pakistan. We have heard Pakistani concern and take them seriously and considering how we can address these issues. He said strong stable government in Afghanistan, Pakistan and India with peaceful relations with each other and with improving economic opportunities are necessary. About Helmand operation, he said, due to increased cooperation between Pakistan Army, Afghan forces and NATO, there was no fall out of militants to Pakistan. He appreciated the arrest of Mualana Bradaar and termed it a great success. Regarding camps in Pakistan to breed terrorists, he said, there are still places in different tribal agencies, despite aggressive role of Pakistani military, operating in these areas. He said any of these areas could not be termed as completely secure. He appreciated the role of Pakistan Army to clear areas from the extremists groups. He said after the operation, main objective is to provide the security, jobs and other needs of life to the people in the areas cleared by the security forces. He said to bring back the government and law enforcing agencies was also important factor. Regarding Reconstruction Opportunities Zones (ROZs) he said House of Representative has passed the legislation and Senate is working on it and recent visit of US legislators was important as they discussed this issue with Pakistan. We hope that Senate will move forward on this legislation as quickly as they can, he added. About conditions of IMF to increase power rates, on the directions of US, he said, IFM is an international monitory institution where US has the presentation along with other countries but it is not the only voice. He said IMF cooperation with Pakistan was very important and it has helped in stabilizing the economic conditions in Pakistan. Pakistan economy has been showing positive results and there was an effort to eliminate subsidy in energy sector. About cooperation in energy sector, he explained, during the last visit of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, she announced cooperation in this sector. He said under first phase, US helping Pakistan to improve energy sector and $120 million, out of which $16.5 million will spent on the revamping of Tarbela. He said 11,000 tube-wells motors are being replaced to improve the efficiency of the tube-wells with new energy saver equipments. He said the US will also help in improving the capacity of several thermal power units under the first phase programme. He said the US is also looking very closely to help in improving the hydal projects through construction of dams or run of the water projects. He said FODP is also working on the energy projects under the World Bank assistance and there will be some investment in this sector. He said Pakistans energy production was not being properly used due to faulty structure. Regarding expansion of US embassy, he said, officials of Capital Development Authority regularly visit to inspect the construction and the US embassy has very useful discussion with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in this regard. Regarding report of screening of Pakistani legislatures, he said, the members of the delegation were informed about each and every thing. He said even all the US senators and congressmen were subjected to same body screening at the domestic travelling. He said they people there were treated extremely courteously and it was just in less than minute screening process. We regret that this happened they have very good programme and they have good excess to senior people in Washington. It is regrettable and unfortunate incident that such event happened and they have to come back without completing their visit, he added. About getting data from NADRA, he said, we never asked any thing from Pakistan government in this regard and never considered to share the data of NADRA. He said, We did not provide system to NADRA, adding that the database of NADRA has been prepared domestically.