LAHORE Test player Mohammad Yousuf was severely distressed on the Pakistan cricket Board decision. Sources close to the star batsman said that the former captain was distraught, tearful and almost speechless at the decision by the board. All he wants to know is what he has done wrong. He has had no official correspondence from the board or even a telephone call to explain where he has erred and has just heard about the punishment in the media. This is not the way to treat a Pakistani cricketing legend and someone who has served his country with dignity over the years. Yousuf, who has played 88 Tests and scored 7,431 runs at a very impressive career average of 53, is Pakistans third-highest Test run-scorer ever. According to Pakpassion, the punishment served on him by the PCB is allegedly due to in fighting between him and fellow players in Australia when the troubles were present well before the Australian tour. Yousufs close associate continued: Yousuf is contemplating retirement with immediate effect, but we are trying to talk him out of it. At the moment he is very confused with this situation and hopefully things may improve and become clearer soon. Yousuf is considered by many to be one of Pakistan leading Test batsmen, and holds the record for most runs in a calendar year in the history of Test cricket. He also has an impressive ODI record, with 9,624 runs at an average of 42.4. His and Younus names literally appeared out of the blue after recommendations by the committee responsible for investigating the debacle in Australia were sent to the PCB and subsequently accepted and imposed by the Board.