ISLAMABAD – Non-availability of a government schools in the suburb area of the federal capital, Chatha Bakhatawar, has deprived the children of poor residents of education facility.

Chatha Bakhtawar is thickly populated area, which is located at some distance from red zone area, lacks educational facility as no public educational institution is operating in the area from primary level to the secondary level.

People are forced to send their children to the private schools. The private schools are charging fee at an inflated rate, which is beyond the approach of the poor masses.

The standard of education is also not up to the mark in these schools and even no proper security system is in place therein. Moreover, people are forced to send their children to far off areas for obtaining education at primary level.

“Our fault is only that our area has neither been declared a sector nor a model village therefore, we stand deprived of all the educational facilities,” said a group of the residents.

Inmates of Chatha Bakhtawar demanded of the concerned authorities to establish primary and high schools in the area so that their children could also benefit from educational facilities.